Elisa Albert' calls Pushed "masterful" in her phenomenal NY mag essay on birth trauma. She writes: "Thanks to these and many other books and films, there is a heightened awareness of the issues surrounding childbearing, and the C-section pandemic has become dinner-party conversation."

Take Two, of Southern California Public Radio, on a 2013 Newsweek piece about a new drug claiming "pink Viagra" status.

Radio Boston on some Massachusetts hospitals' decision to discourage early inductions of labor.

Shawne McKeown, in "The Growing Motherhood Movement" for CityNews.ca, writes "Journalist Jennifer Block’s 2007 book Pushed: The Painful Truth About Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care helped fuel the fight to improve the situation for expectant moms in the U.S."

podcast with Tanya Lieberman of MotherLove about everything from birth videos to the home birth summit.

So Much Pretty author Cara Hoffman asks about political journalism in this Q&A.

Best for Babes Q&A on the "booby trap" of early elective births.

Good Morning America segment titled "DIY Deliveries: More Women Go it Alone." Airdate January 8, 2008 (link no longer available).

Bostonia, alumni magazine of Jennifer's alma mater Boston University, featured Pushed in its fall 2007 issue.

Is birth a feminist issue? Q&A with RH Reality Check about childbirth and women's rights.

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